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Silent Victory on Vassal


The Vassal Module for Silent Victory is now available for download. Special thanks to Joel Toppen who designed this Module for us, as he did for The Hunters. [Download here]



Thanks to Rodger B. MacGowan for creating this banner on receiving the advance copy of SILENT VICTORY. We are closing in on 1,500 preorders as the game inches closer to shipping date!



Exciting News. An advanced copy of Silent Victory arrived today for proofing. The game itself should start shipping no later than early February 2016. The deeper, 2" box makes for an impressive showing and with the added contents, the package is quite hefty indeed. Given what I've inspected, I think everyone's patience is going to be rewarded in spades. And it's not too late to preorder today!


Storming the Heights Design Notes

We hope you enjoy this article posted on InsideGMT blog that features the design notes for Storming the Heights, by game designer, Joseph Miranda. [read article]


Storming the Heights Preorder

We're pleased to announce our new preorder game title, STORMING THE HEIGHTS, THE BATTLE OF THE ALMA, CRIMEA 1854. Game design by Joseph Miranda and graphic design by Terry Leeds. Please visit our product page to learn more about STORMING THE HEIGHTS and preorder the game today for only $35 (savings of $15).


Silent Victory Captain Cards

Now that SILENT VICTORY is at the printers, let's learn more about the game. We've added 8 Skipper Data Cards to the game, so you can recreate the Historical Patrols of the leading U.S. Submarine Captains.

Here is the Captain Card for Richard H. O'Kane. You start your historical patrol on Jan '44 using the Balao class USS Tang. Note the special Captain capabilities (card front).

Captain Card Front (left) and Back (right)

O'Kane's career resulting in 24 ships sunk, totaling 93,824 tons (card back) along with the various medals he received. You will conduct the 5 patrols as listed on the card and your goal is to see if you can outperform Captain O'Kane. Best of luck!


Jutland Scenario Roster Sheets

Here is a key for the Scenario Roster Sheets to accompany our Jutland: Fleet Admiral II game (Jack Greene design) that is in development. We will have dedicated roster sheets for all scenarios included with the game. [Forum discussion]


Something New is Coming, Part 2

Some enterprising folks guessed right on our next title in our line-up to be announced shortly. One person said it's the nationality color of the counters that gave it away! Tough crowd to keep guessing, that's for sure!




Consim Press Draft Announcement

We're excited about our WWI project with Jack Greene featuring JUTLAND: FLEET ADMIRAL II. In celebration of that effort, we've decided to double-down on WWI game titles and we're pleased to unveil a new project that will be published by Consim Press. This one will definitely not disappoint --- a grand yet playable WWI game covering the Battle of Verdun by game designer, Todd Davis. You can visit the CSW Forum topic about this new game project for more information.

Photo of playtest map and counters (not final artwork)

Photo of playtest map and counters (not final artwork)