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John Buck and Hermann Luttmann on BEDA FOMM

Special thanks to John Buck and Hermann Luttmann for posting their Beda Fomm game report on the CSW Forum. John managed to pull out a marginal Italian Victory (7 VPs). We appreciate John's remarks about the gaming session:

We ended our first game at 11pm as we are both old guys (Hermann is not as old as I am but he looks much older). My valiant Italians manage to pull out a marginal victory (7 VPs). We halted play at 9am on the second day (game time). The Italians inflicted and took heavy casualties. I spent most of the game trying to out flank the blocking forces which were themselves being whittled down. All the first day transport units were destroyed by the Fourth Armored Brigade in a quick thrust behind the Italian lines. This let a mixed force of the Tenth Bergonzoli and some medium tanks make a break out, though not all the units made it out. The British artillery stack was killing my units like a death ray. If the game had gone on it would have been tough for the Italians to get more units off the board, made harder still by the fact that when you exit units of the board it’s less attack potential you have later. I think this is a tough game for the Brits also, they can’t afford to lose many (any) units or do anything fancy. It would be nice to hold back force to raid the Italians as they come on the board, but you just don’t have the units to do it. We had fun and this is one wicked good bit of gaming, I’m glad John K pick this particular game to redo.

 And Hermann echoed John's sentiments about the game:

Yes, guys, this game is alot of fun! It's amazing how the Series 120 games managed to get so much "game" into a such a small package - a tribute to good game design. This new version is very attractive and the new upgrades aid in the gameplay. As far as the game itself went, this was actually my first effort at Beda Fomm and there were a few rules quirks that had to learned. Getting used to the movement abilities (and restrictions) of the different units, the turn sequencing, the deadliness of the Antitank Table (which I didn't bother looking at before John started using it on me!), etc. There's a lot going on and you need to be fully aware of all the units capabilities and restrictions to play well. As the British, I got a little too confident at the beginning and played too aggressively. I found myself swarmed over as John played the Italians very well. Overall a wonderful game and one that I would gladly play again.


Hans Korting on BEDA FOMM

Special thanks to Hans Korting of The Netherlands who put in considerable time and effort to share his first impression of BEDA FOMM with others on BoardGameGeek.

We are thrilled to see that Hans is pleased with the game thus far, and most grateful that he would commit the time and dedication necessary to share his thoughts with others in such an entertaining format, which included many pictures, one of which is presented here. Thanks very much, Hans! Below is an excerpt of his review.

Beda Fomm, an updated version of GDW's Beda Fomm game, is the first title by Consim Press and hopefully not the last. 

The rules are not too difficult, I had a few questions but they served more for me to verify my thoughts on their use, and are easy to use. An historical overview serves as a good primer to get you in the mood for the game. The rulebook starts with an extensive sequence of play explaining all the details, great to fall back upon when in doubt. It also makes getting into the game really easy, just follow along.

John Kranz has really given us gamers a beautiful game, with the help of the good people of GMT distributing it. Several gifted guys have helped to make this gem an absolute classic, even in the remake.

I really like it! - Hans Korting, The Netherlands


More on Italian First Contact

I think more can be stated around the game mechanics and restrictions surrounding Italian Opening Moves (section 16.0) regarding the timing of first contact being established. The rules as written focus on the perspective of the Italian player initiating first contact during their own Movement Phase of the second Game Turn. I believe those mechanics are fairly easy to follow and understand, and this is the most likely scenario of how first contact will be established during play.

However, what if the Italians are first contacted during the British Player Turn of Game Turn One? What then?

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Now that BEDA FOMM is landing at doorsteps everywhere for those who have ordered the game since our release announcement (including Hans Korting from The Netherlands who just received his copy today as reported on the CSW Forum), we thought we'd provide a simple play aid based on observing first-time play amongst gamers. While the game is relatively easy to learn and play, there are some rule subtleties players will want to keep in mind; especially for first-time play. We invite you to download "The Beda Fomm Eight" which addresses eight rules players should keep in mind during initial play.


BEDA FOMM Ancestory

For those who have never seen the original BEDA FOMM as released by Game Designers' Workshop in 1979, here are images of the Series 120 box packaging along with a shot of the rules cover and game map.

The complete package included 120 single-sided counters, 17 x 22" game map and 12 page rules booklet (small format).

The GDW Series 120 games were a line of introductory wargames spanning various historical eras. The games in the series had 120 counters and were supposed to be playable in 120 minutes or less, hence the series name.



Watch the Official BEDA FOMM Product Launch

Here is a video (courtesy of Jack Beckman) of the surprise BEDA FOMM product launch and exclusive expo promo that took place at CSW Expo 2010 to celebrate our 10th Anniversary event. It was a real treat to unveil this release with Frank Chadwick in attendance and in the audience.


BEDA FOMM Now Shipping

We are very pleased to announce that BEDA FOMM is now available direct from our main distributor, GMT Games. As an added bonus, direct orders shipped will include a FREE duplicate countersheet inside the box. This product intro celebration offer is valid while supplies last, so please be sure to place your order today!

Please note that this completely new edition is a limited print run. GMT Games estimates having but perhaps only a few months worth of stock at usual sales levels on hand, so we encourage you to order BEDA FOMM quickly before they're all gone.

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