Introducing Rule Variants for The African Campaign

One of the projects we will be returning to shortly is John Edwards' THE AFRICAN CAMPAIGN. This is one of those simple, classic wargames from back in the day -- first published in 1973. Similar to the various game enhancement we are incorporating into THE RUSSIAN CAMPAIGN, we are going to introduce some variant rules as bonus material, especially since we have some spare counters available that we can utilize for this purpose.

While we remain true to the original 1973 John Edwards design, other than updating all components and the rules, we are adding a new facet to the game with numerous variant rules that can be incorporated for play. Here is a short list of mechanics being considered:

  • Chaos mechanics 
  • Infiltration 
  • HQ units/activation 
  • Maximum Effort 
  • Send Air to Malta 
  • Determined Defense

The above concepts may ring familiar for many as they have been incorporating in many other designs that some of you have played (whether covering this historical topic or another). The one area we welcome your ideas is the concept of Chaos mechanics by introducing events via chitpull (to leverage some of the extra counters we have at our disposal).

What type of events would you like to see incorporated into play that can have a small impact on play?

We want to strike a balance so chit play does not have an overly significant impact on play balance. One example could be an attacker and/or defender tactical advantage in which one can play a chit to generate a re-roll for combat results and apply the more favorable result. Again, not something that will have a huge impact on play in and of itself, but still adding some chaos and unpredictability to game play.

So let us know your thoughts on what type of events you would like to see incorporated along with their impact on play. I'm sure there are some great ideas out there!

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