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Bear's Claw Status Update

Things are heating up for us as we have three titles that are going to be released early next year (2018). So we are working in various pre-production phases for BEAR'S CLAW, RUSSIAN CAMPAIGN, and THE HUNTED.

Here is a glimpse of work we have for BEAR'S CLAW. We've added a new online service, Sifter, to help us not overlook any quality issues and collaborate with team members (along with another service, Basecamp, which includes every aspect of our project and managing all files -- our discussions can easiliy number in the hundreds of posts through a game project). A good portion of the issues have been successfully resolved as we knock out remaining items. We are going to do some final playtesting to ensure the final rules draft is good to go, but otherwise, the pieces are falling nicely into place.

click image to view at original size

I believe the quality of the BEAR'S CLAW release, given how we enlarged the maps and counters, is going to result in a true sleeper of a game title. This game really hits the sweetspot in terms of historicity and playability, and I anticipate our Preorder numbers will be climbing once we post articles promoting the game once we have a full Vassal kit prepared.

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