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Bear's Claw Component Upgrade

To follow on the heels of the successful preorder drive of The Hunters, we've decided to grease the wheels and enhance the production value of Bear's Claw to help entice everyone to preorder the game today. Here is what we have done....

The original game map (published in Japan) had a half mapsheet that measure 16.5 x 23" to accommodate the 263 1/2" counters for the game. We received some feedback raising concern about the small counter size, which I can relate to since my eyes are aging and my vision isn't as sharp as it once was.

So here is what we have done. We are enlarging each game map to nearly 150% original size! That's correct, we will now be providing a full size game map for both games (on a front and back printed map — similar to other GMT titles that include two separate games). This means larger hexes and the ability to display the Game Turn Record Track, Reinforcements, and other chart information directly onto the map as well. So the 16.5" x 23" map now measures a full 22" x 34". Now, I bet you know what is coming next. With the larger maps, we are upgrading the counter size from 1/2" to 9/16" — greatly improving their reability and handling on the larger hex size.

We hope you will agree that this is an improvement to the original package. And the best news of all — we are not increasing the preorder price of the game! That's correct. The preorder price remains at only $34. We hope you will preorder Bear's Claw today as this is a great design, reminiscent of the popular Four Battles of Army Group South quad game from SPI (although granted, this game is now bigger in size).

One other big change will be the cover image for the game itself. We will have Rodger B. MacGowan create a brand new cover treatment that is reminiscent of the SPI/Redmond Simonsen approach, which we know will be another improvement. This will also ensure the game has the same look and feel as other Consim Press titles. We will be sure to share the new cover image when it becomes available...which wil be sometime after the New Year. We will shortly be updating the P500 page on the GMT site to include this new information.

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