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General Update

Greetings, Everyone. As many of you may not be aware, I recently underwent a change as my position was eliminated at my place of employment. Fast forward to today, and I'm happy to say that I will for the first time be dedicating all my time to the hobby. In a nutshell, I will be doing more with ConsimWorld to support the hobby in general -- publishers and enthusiasts alike as we've done for 20 years. I am also pleased to announce that I've accepted a position with Compass Games and will be working on various game projects, marketing activities, etc. I'll be sharing more about the game projects and duties I will be involved with in working with Compass Games soon.

As it affects the games that we have on the GMT Games P500 list, there are unfortunately going to be two immediate casualties. As of today, both Storming the Heights and Hellfire Pass (both under 400 orders on P500) are being removed from the P500 list. For any of you who have P500 orders for either game, GMT will cancel those orders immediately. I want you all to be rest assured though, with those two exceptions, that all of the other Consim Press titles on the GMT Games P500 list will be published as planned, starting with Bear's Claw, Russian Campaign, and The Hunted. Today we also added Silent Victory, 2nd Printing to the P500 list based on customer demand. 



We are pleased to announce that THE AFRICAN CAMPAIGN, DESIGNER SIGNATURE EDITION, is now available for preorder from Compass Games. We still have several exciting games coming soon under our own brand label through GMT Games, but we made an exception in this case. The good news is that this game is expected to be released this October, and the counters as shown below are already at the printers!

Countersheet Front

Please visit the Compass Games product page to preorder this game.



Introducing Rule Variants for The African Campaign

One of the projects we will be returning to shortly is John Edwards' THE AFRICAN CAMPAIGN. This is one of those simple, classic wargames from back in the day -- first published in 1973. Similar to the various game enhancement we are incorporating into THE RUSSIAN CAMPAIGN, we are going to introduce some variant rules as bonus material, especially since we have some spare counters available that we can utilize for this purpose.

While we remain true to the original 1973 John Edwards design, other than updating all components and the rules, we are adding a new facet to the game with numerous variant rules that can be incorporated for play. Here is a short list of mechanics being considered:

  • Chaos mechanics 
  • Infiltration 
  • HQ units/activation 
  • Maximum Effort 
  • Send Air to Malta 
  • Determined Defense

The above concepts may ring familiar for many as they have been incorporating in many other designs that some of you have played (whether covering this historical topic or another). The one area we welcome your ideas is the concept of Chaos mechanics by introducing events via chitpull (to leverage some of the extra counters we have at our disposal).

What type of events would you like to see incorporated into play that can have a small impact on play?

We want to strike a balance so chit play does not have an overly significant impact on play balance. One example could be an attacker and/or defender tactical advantage in which one can play a chit to generate a re-roll for combat results and apply the more favorable result. Again, not something that will have a huge impact on play in and of itself, but still adding some chaos and unpredictability to game play.

So let us know your thoughts on what type of events you would like to see incorporated along with their impact on play. I'm sure there are some great ideas out there!


Bear's Claw Status Update

Things are heating up for us as we have three titles that are going to be released early next year (2018). So we are working in various pre-production phases for BEAR'S CLAW, RUSSIAN CAMPAIGN, and THE HUNTED.

Here is a glimpse of work we have for BEAR'S CLAW. We've added a new online service, Sifter, to help us not overlook any quality issues and collaborate with team members (along with another service, Basecamp, which includes every aspect of our project and managing all files -- our discussions can easiliy number in the hundreds of posts through a game project). A good portion of the issues have been successfully resolved as we knock out remaining items. We are going to do some final playtesting to ensure the final rules draft is good to go, but otherwise, the pieces are falling nicely into place.

click image to view at original size

I believe the quality of the BEAR'S CLAW release, given how we enlarged the maps and counters, is going to result in a true sleeper of a game title. This game really hits the sweetspot in terms of historicity and playability, and I anticipate our Preorder numbers will be climbing once we post articles promoting the game once we have a full Vassal kit prepared.



Consim Press is pleased to announce the next installment in The Hunters gamer series, now available for preorder from GMT Games.

The Hunted: Twilight of the U-Boats, 1943-45, is the long-anticipated companion game to the award-winning, multiple-print edition release The Hunters, and picks up the action where The Hunters left off. You command one of many U-Boat models available starting in 1943 and look to successfully complete U-boat operations until the end of the war.

Fans of The Hunters will enjoy having the capability to easily combine both games to span all of WWII and experience the career of a U-boat commander from 1939 until 1945.

Preorder THE HUNTED today for only $38 (savings of $17) and your card will not be charged until we are in final production!


African Campaign by John Edwards

Consim Press is pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement to publish a new edition of the classic 1973 Jedko release, The African Campaign, by John Edwards. We will not be changing the game but giving it a deluxe treatment with larger map, larger 5/8" counters, updating rules presentation, etc. We will be placing this title on preorder later this year.

Graphic design work has already begun by Todd Davis, and Kim Meints is assisting by researching published articles and supplements which we plan to include as bonus material for this updated, Designer Signature Edition release.


Silent Victory Sold Out

Congratulations to Silent Victory game designer, Gregory M. Smith. We have just been notified by GMT Games that Silent Victory is officially sold out! For those looking for a copy, be sure to check with your local retailer or mail order source. Thank you all very much for your tremendous support of this game.

We have exciting news coming mid-June for fans of The Hunters game series. Stay tuned!!


Errata Sheet update for Silent Victory

Please visit our Silent Victory Downloads page to secure the latest errata sheet for the game!


Silent Victory Review

Here's a fantastic SILENT VICTORY game review video produced by Derek Case that includes a tie-in with a tour of the U.S.S. Pampanio (SS-383).



Silent Victory Video Review

Wonderful video review of Silent Victory by Marco Arnaudo