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In March and April of 1941, the German Afrika Korps made its debut in North Africa, driving from El Agheila to Tobruk and the Egyptian frontier. When the Tobruk fortress, held by 9th Australian Division, refused to fall, the Axis forces settled down to a siege, surrounding Tobruk but also guarding their eastern flank along the Libyan-Egyptian frontier.

In May the British launched Operation Brevity, a small offensive which alerted the Axis to the potential danger on this front. While the British build up for a larger offensive, the Germans and Italians reinforced and fortified the frontier defenses.

The time is 0515 hrs, 15 June 1941

The British offensive, code-named Operation Battleaxe, began on 0515 hours, June 15th, 1941. The aim was to overrun the Axis frontier positions, defeat the Axis armored reserves, and then drive west to relieve Tobruk. The attack came to grief in large part because of the deadly fire of German 88s well-emplaced in several key positions, but most famously at the key defile of Halfaya Pass, forever after known as Hellfire Pass.


Hellfire Pass is a World War II simulation of the British Battleaxe offensive on 15-17 June, 1941. Operation Brevity is also included as an introductory scenario. This game marks a long-awaited, new chapter for the fast-playing, operational-level system enjoyed by many in Beda Fomm – a classic Frank Chadwick game design. The popularity of the game system is its blend of simple gaming mechanics that delivers fast-paced, nail-biting action suitable for solitaire or competition play.

Fans of Beda Fomm will be pleased to learn that the original game system has been retained, while also evolving and elaborating on it to best capture the protracted nature of the battles in this game. Both the Brevity and Battleaxe offensives were examples of protracted combat where both sides were challenged to sustain their efforts in the field while also maneuvering aggressively over a wider landscape.  New rules covering Supply, Repairs and Regrouping, and Morale Recovery represent additions that speak to that need to sustain operations in the face of losses. The game also reflects the greater availability of certain weapons – primary AT guns.


  • An evolution of the classic Beda Fomm game system
  • Two games in one -- Operation Brevity and Operation Battleaxe
  • Special rules cover Antitank Reserves, Allied Administrative Movement, Air Strikes, Fortifications, Supply and Quartermaster Units, Fog of War, Repairs and Regrouping


  • One 22 x 34 inch full-color map
  • 370 9/16 inch double-sided counters
  • Rulebook with Historical Background and Designer Notes
  • Two 6-sided dice
  • Boxed edition


  • Time: 2 hours per daylight turn (8 hours per night turn)
  • Map: 1 mile per hex
  • Units: Battalions, Companies, Platoons, and Tank Groups (6-8 vehicles)

Complexity: Low to Moderate
Average Playing Time: 2-4 Hours
Players: 1-2
Suitable for Solitaire Play: High


  • Game Design: Frank Chadwick
  • Game Development: Todd Davis
  • Project Editor: Jack Beckman
  • Package Art and Design: Rodger B. MacGowan and RBM Studios
  • Map, Counter Art and Design: Todd Davis
  • Contributing Artist: Charlie Kibler
  • Graphics and Prepress Assistance: Mark Simonitch
  • Producer: John Kranz
Anticipated Release Date: TBD (based on preorders)
HELLFIRE PASS, Operation Battleaxe and Brevity, 1941 is to be published by Consim Press.
Consim Press is a division of ConsimWorld LLC.