Jutland Scenario Roster Sheets

Here is a key for the Scenario Roster Sheets to accompany our Jutland: Fleet Admiral II game (Jack Greene design) that is in development. We will have dedicated roster sheets for all scenarios included with the game. [Forum discussion]


Something New is Coming, Part 2

Some enterprising folks guessed right on our next title in our line-up to be announced shortly. One person said it's the nationality color of the counters that gave it away! Tough crowd to keep guessing, that's for sure!




Consim Press Draft Announcement

We're excited about our WWI project with Jack Greene featuring JUTLAND: FLEET ADMIRAL II. In celebration of that effort, we've decided to double-down on WWI game titles and we're pleased to unveil a new project that will be published by Consim Press. This one will definitely not disappoint --- a grand yet playable WWI game covering the Battle of Verdun by game designer, Todd Davis. You can visit the CSW Forum topic about this new game project for more information.

Photo of playtest map and counters (not final artwork)

Photo of playtest map and counters (not final artwork)



Here's a surprise for everyone. We already have the new Patrol Maps for SILENT VICTORY which is a top customer request. But we have another trick up our sleeves.. Here is a sneak peek of one of our new Skipper Cards. How's that for a teaser for some bonus material being added to the game? We have great expectations for this release and thank everyone as SILENT VICTORY has surpassed the 1,200 Preorder mark!
Artwork by Ian Wedge

Hunters Patrol Video

Episode #2 for U-27. "Crush Depth" Kramer and the crew of the U-27 return for their second patrol of the war, this time dodging aircraft and fighting a convoy. Kudos to John Brewer for this entertaining video covering THE HUNTERS.


Jutland Sample Counters

Here is a sneak peek of sample counters for JUTLAND: FLEET ADMIRAL II. This is the plan view for select German counters, Kaiser class and Koenig class. 

artwork by Ian Wedge

Note we will also be providing side profile views of all ships as well, as picture below.



This Day in History
We are eagerly gearing up for a playtest of Jack Greene's JUTLAND: FLEET ADMIRAL II at CSW Expo 2015. Our goal is to release this game next year to commemorate the 100 Year Anniversary of the Battle. Look for the preorder announcement this Fall!

Banners Art by Rodger B. MacGowan for C3i Ops Center


Beneath the Southern Cross

We do have several active projects in the works that we haven't spotlighted here yet...mainly because they are not available for preorder. However, to give you an idea of one of these projects, we are looking forward to a playtest session of Beneath the Southern Cross, a William Cooper design.

Beneath the Southern Cross is a study of the Solomons Campaign from August 1942 through January 1943. The game includes Battle Scenarios covering each of the naval encounters during the campaign. In addition, Operational Scenarios expand each side's strategic options. A campaign scenario covering the initial landings through the decision to evacuate provides a look at the full sweep of events in the South Pacific. 

Inspired by Flat Top, the system focuses on conducting operations in an Air/Sea/Land environment. Each Operational Turn of 6 hours includes six Air Impulses and two Naval Impulses. Air Formations and Task Forces search for each other, and strikes are launched on incomplete target information.  

Air strike combat resolves quickly and ranges from devastating attacks to complete misses. A set of tactical rules inspired by Jutland provides a 'miniatures-like' feel for ship-to-ship combat. 

Below is a Counter Guide that has been prepared in support of our upcoming playtest session @ CSW Expo.

Playtest counter examples for BENEATH THE SOUTHERN CROSS



We've made some serious progress on HELLFIRE PASS. Pictured below is a playtest session currently underway by Todd Davis. We'll be playtesting this game also at CSW Expo 2015 which is only a few weeks away. We are very excited about this Frank Chadwick design and follow-up release to the BEDA FOMM game system!

Playtest of HELLFIRE PASS (Battleaxe scenario)