The Hunters, Now Shipping


Hellfire Pass Now Available for Preorder

We are pleased to announce that Hellfire Pass, covering the Operation Brevity and Battleaxe, is now available for preorder direct from GMT Games. This Frank Chadwick game design is based on his popular, classic Beda Fomm game  which we sold out long ago. Enjoy an updated version of Beda Fomm covering these two great operational battles! Preorder Price: $31 (a savings of $14). [Preorder Today!]


Fleet Admiral II Project Update

banner copyright 2014, Rodger B. MacGowan/C3i Ops Center

 Read the latest on our Fleet Admiral II project! This project is scheduled for release for the 100th Anniversary of The Battle of Jutland in 2016. We will announce when the game officially becomes available for preorder.


Silent Victory Now Available for Preorder

We're very excited to announce that SILENT VICTORY is now available for preorder through GMT Games. And we want to thank Gene for the wonderful write-up and show of support regarding our project efforts. As he mentions, we have other projects currently on P500, and we are equally pleased to see that BEAR'S CLAW has just hit the '400' preorder milestone mark, so we are entering the home stretch for this game in getting it ready for publication!

Thanks again for the tremendous support!


Silent Victory Intro Video

Here's a brief video overview to introduce Silent Victory and some of the differences in this game and The Hunters.


Silent Victory Product Page

The official product page for SILENT VICTORY is now live. The preorder for the game is expected to kick off next week, and we're certainly excited to get this follow-on title to THE HUNTERS released later this year. This game will feature some nice enhancements, including larger ship markers (3/4" wide) and a Submarine Patrol Map!


Attack & Sink: Historical Convoy Battles

Hunters Variant by Brad Elliott

Brad Elliott has created an Attack & Sink series featuring historical convoy battles. Episode 1 features attacks against Convoy SC42 by Wolfpack Markgraf. One of several variant game materials available for download.


Update Kit for The Hunters?

A few have asked if there is an Update Kit being offered for The Hunters.

I spoke with GMT Games and they recommend for anyone wishing to request updated hard copy materials (updated rules/charts), to simply contact them directly for spare parts after the 2nd Printing occurs. GMT has a lot of experience and expertise in this area, so I trust their guidance on this given they've gone down this road more than a few times!

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The Hunters Second Printing

Thank you message for supporting The Hunters and a quick overview of the 2nd Printing planned for the game. [preorder today]


Preorder The Hunters, 2nd Printing

Preorder Page for The Hunters, 2nd Printing

Thanks to the quick handiwork of GMT Games, we have officially launched The Hunter, 2nd Printing Preorder Page. We are committed to providing the best possible support to our customers, so you can anticipate many enhancements to this second print run. Here is a quick run-down on the component updates for this new edition:

  • (2nd Edition) Rules booklet w/ Designer notes
  • (Updated) One full-color, 2-sided countersheet (more counters added)
  • (Updated) Four Player Aid Cards, 2-sided
  • (Updated) U-Boat Combat Mat
  • Four U-Boat Display Mats, 2-sided
  • U-Boat Patrol Log Sheet
  • Three 6-sided, two 10-sided, and (new to 2nd Printing) one 20-sided dice



The Hunters Has Sold Out!

Rodger B. MacGowan banner announcing The Hunters has sold out

Unbelievable as this may sound, The Hunters is now out of stock, thanks to the incredible reception and buzz this game has generated since its release last month. We will be working on getting a Second Printing effort underway, so stay tuned for the preorder announcement! Our congratulations to Gregory M. Smith, the designer, for achieving this milestone so quickly.